Vision 2025,
The Roadmap to Achieve the Vision


ASCE has a passion for preparing the civil engineering profession for tomorrow’s world. The publication The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025 and the recently released Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025: A Roadmap for the Profession mark the culmination of almost eight years of effort to redefine what it will mean to be a civil engineer in the world of the future.

Vision 2025 represents the collective wisdom of more than 60 experts from around the world and presents an aspirational vision for what the future can and should be. Numerous individual civil engineers and civil engineering organizations around the world have embraced this appeal for a new, enhanced role for the profession. They call on civil engineers to control their own destiny rather than letting events control it for them.

The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025


Entrusted by society

to create a sustainable world and

enhance the global quality of life,

civil engineers

serve competently, collaboratively, and ethically as master:


  • planners, designers, constructors, and operators of society’s economic and social engine--the built environment;
  • stewards of the natural environment and its resources;
  • innovators and integrators of ideas and technology across the public, private, and academic sectors;
  • managers of risk and uncertainty caused by natural events, accidents, and other threats; and
  • leaders in discussions and decisions shaping public environmental and infrastructure policy.

The path to achieve Vision 2025 has been laid out in the new Vision 2025 Roadmap. The report calls on civil engineers worldwide--to “get on the road, get moving” to achieve the Vision, offering this challenge: “Rallying the forces and the energy to take on this wide array of initiatives is not for the faint of heart….The key is to do your part and to marshal others, be they organizations or individuals, so that the sum of all your energy, over time, will add up to a new future. You will then have reshaped your professional stature and remained the force behind your destiny, discovering a practical reality in what was once just imagined, and achieving the Vision. It is time to roll up your sleeves, embrace the Roadmap, and put your passion and expertise into play. Ask yourself, ‘If not me, who, and if not now, when?’ ”