Whole Building Design Guide

U.S. Green Building Council

Green Globes

Sustainability Committee of the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Structural Engineers and LEED

Resources listed are for background information and education of the teams on the design and construction issues involved in the competition. Content of these resources are not specifically endorsed or required to be incorporated into the submissions. Each team should evaluate the information and incorporate those items they feel are appropriate to their project and conceptual ideas for the competition building.


Code Information

It is the responsibility of the design teams to research and apply the proper design codes as applicable for the local building department as of August 1. 2015. Information concerning local building codes can be found on the City of Boston Building Division and Commonwealth of Massachusetts websites.

Student teams are asked to submit any additional questions regarding the design or building codes as RFI’s and not to contact the building department and officials directly. Student teams are permitted to incorporate industry practice recommendations or industry standards that are not included in the specific building code for this project as long as these items are clearly noted in the student reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

Students may submit Requests For Information (RFI's) to obtain clarifications or resolve any ambiguities. RFI's and the answers from the competition Task Force will be posted on the competition website. 

* Submit a question.



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