It is anticipated that teams will consist of 2-3 students per category and teams may include a maximum of ten participants. A team leader shall be designated as the point-of-contact for the purposes of the competition and shall be responsible for all correspondence and submittals. The team leader shall be a graduate or undergraduate student in an ABET-accredited architectural engineering program. In addition, each team leader must be a member of an AEI student chapter in good standing. In order to be in good standing, the AEI student chapter must provide current contact information and submit a chapter report as required by the AEI Student Bylaws. The other members of the team may be graduate or undergraduate students in other departments, schools, programs or universities. Participants are limited to competing on only one team and teams are prohibited from using help from students not officially listed on the team.

Registered teams will be assigned a team number to be used on all correspondence and submittals.  AEI membership is required for all team members and will be verified by the AEI/ASCE staff. There is no cost for AEI student memberships. Apply for AEI membership at: AEI Student Member Application.

During registration, the following information will be required:

After the registration process is completed, teams will receive additional project information - including schematic electronic format drawings and the geotechnical report for the project, if available.

Registration Form: AEI Student Design Competition 2016.  

Submit the completed registration forms (in excel format) to:

There is no limit to the number of teams that each program may register and have participating in the competition process. There is no cost to register a team. However, each program is required to limit the number of teams submitting final reports and projects for the competition to two (2) teams. If a school has more than two teams registered, the determination of which two teams will submit their final reports and projects for the competition is at the discretion of each individual school program and the associated faculty advisors. Each team submitting a project to the competition must be working on their own unique design solution.


Conference Registration & Travel Reimbursement

Finalist teams that are asked to present their submittals at the competition will be partially reimbursed for their travel, conference registration, meals and hotel expenses. The reimbursements are intended to ease the financial obligations of the presenting team members and one faculty advisor. The expected average reimbursement for a presenting team should be budgeted at no more than $800. The actual amount awarded to a particular team is dependent on the required travel distance and mode of transportation, and is awarded at the discretion of the competition committee. Teams will be required to submit required receipts and an expense form for any reimbursement.

Team members, and faculty advisors, will be responsible for registering for the conference on their own (please note that early bird registration rates will often expire prior to notification that a team has been invited to present their submittal at the conference or forum). It should not be expected that full reimbursements for registration and expenses will be provided for an entire team.


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