The judges will consist of volunteer building industry practitioners, representatives of AEI and of the Charles Pankow Foundation.  The panel of judges are:

Structural: David W. Bernhardt, P.E., Lindsay L. Hu, P.E., LEED AP

Integration: Eric Cole, AIA, LEED AP, Charles DeLisio, AIA, P.E, LEED AP,

Mechanical: Dan Kerr, P.E., Joseph Dilenno, P.E., LEED AP BD+C

Construction: Gregory Dunkle, LEED AP, CCM, Shane A. Boyer

Lighting/Electrical: James S. Bates, P.E., LC, LEED AP BD+C, Sara Lappano, P.E., LC, LEED AP BD+C

Learn more about this years judges at: 2014 Jury.

Evaluation Criteria

Judges will base their evaluation of each submission on the following criteria in priority order:

- Originality and innovative character of the design:
       The design submission shall be original and include innovations in building design and construction that improve quality, efficiency, and value.

Integration and collaboration:
       The design submission should show how the individual systems integrate with the other engineered systems and the architecture of the building. Additionally, the  
       teams shall demonstrate the collaboration between team members and disciplines.

Sustainability, energy efficiency and economics of the design:
       The design submission should demonstrate sustainable design and shall include design considerations that improve building performance such as; energy
       efficiency, water efficiency, emissions reduction, improved environmental quality, and efficient selection and use of resources to minimize environmental impact.
       The submission may also demonstrate how construction materials a nd equipment will be utilized in unique ways, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

-  The design submission should demonstrate cost and benefit of the solution; including estimated life span; and life cycle analysis/consideration.

-  Meeting the project requirements, codes & standards:
       The design submission should demonstrate how the specified design challenges will be addressed as well as how all applicable codes and standards are met at a
       design development level of detail for the complete building. The design submission should keep the health, safety and welfare of the building occupants in mind.        The design will also be evaluated on the feasibility of the design.

Project management:
       The design submission should demonstrate how the design will meet scheduling, site and budget constraints within the definition of the project criteria listed for
       this competition. Evidence of teamwork and an integrated team process should be demonstrated. The design submission should demonstrate clear, detailed, yet
       concise reporting. In addressing the specific issues of the Competition Program, submissions must clearly demonstrate the design solution's response.

The initial submittals will be used by the judges to determine the teams whom will be asked to present at the AEI National Student Conference scheduled for March 27 to 29, 2014 by Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Teams will be chosen to present at the competition at the discretion of the jury. Teams that are asked to present will present their entire integrated projects including all categories entered.

After the presentations to the judges, they will determine the winning submittal in each category.


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