The Integration category - an overall winner and runner-up will be chosen in this category . The winning team will be awarded $1500 while the runner-up will be awarded $500. To qualify as a winner or runner-up, the team must be represented in person at the finalist presentations.

In addition,

A winning team and runner-up will be awarded in each of the remaining categories: construction, lighting/electrical, mechanical, and structural. The winning team(s) will be awarded $1000 per team, and the runner-up will be awarded $400 per team in each category.

And, Innovation awards will be given to the teams that best addressed the challenges presented in the project guidelines of:

The winning team(s) will be awarded $700. These Innovation awards are at the judge's discretion and are not tied to any particular category described in the submittal requirements.

Additionally, honorable mention awards can be awarded at the judge's discretion for the finalist presentations and electronic submissions.


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