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Frequently Asked Questions

International Membership

ASCE has more than 14,000 International Members in 154 countries around the world, and affiliate organizations in more than 69 of those countries. Our affiliate groups include the International Groups, International Sections and the Agreement of Cooperation Societies.

Dues Discounts

See if you qualify for a discount in ASCE membership dues.

What will my yearly membership dues be?

Annual membership dues must be paid prior to admission or reinstatement of membership, and to maintain membership in the Society. Applicants from some areas of the world may be eligible for an annual dues discount, based upon the yearly World Bank World Development Indicators.

Please visit to see if you qualify

Please refer to the dues grid to see the dues amounts required for each membership grade.

Membership Benefits

  • Free copies of the ASCE Global Link, the newsletter of the ASCE International Affairs Department. The newsletter is published bimonthly.
  • The Largest Resource of Civil Engineering Publications and Professional Development Tools
  • Programs to Support the Professional Image of Civil Engineers
  • Powerful Networking and Career Resources

Grades of Membership

Several grades of membership are designed to recognize your achievements and accomplishments within your career.

Associate Member (A.M.ASCE)

Civil engineering graduates working in private consulting, government, academia, research and construction with less than seven years experience

since graduation from a civil engineering or related program.

Member (M.ASCE)

Civil engineering graduates with at least five years experience in responsible charge of engineering work, or who are registered as a Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor.

Fellow (F.ASCE)

Engineers who have made significant technical achievements, who are registered as Professional Engineers or Land Surveyors and have completed ten years in responsible charge of engineering work following election to the grade of Member.

Affiliate (Aff.ASCE)

Qualifications for the Affiliate status of ASCE are as follows: 1)a bachelor's degree from a school of recognized standing in any branch of engineering, technology, architecture, planning, construction, mathematics or other physical, life or social science; 2) a bachlors's degree and three years of association with the civil engineering profession; 3)at least two years of college and five years of association with the civil engineering profession, or 4)eight years of advancement within the civil engineering profession.