Civil Engineering History and Heritage Award



Trent R. and Phoebe L. Dames endowed this award to recognize those persons who through writing, research, or other efforts have made outstanding contributions to a better knowledge of, or appreciation for, the history and heritage of civil engineering. The award was officially instituted by the Board of Direction in October 1966.

Awards have been made as follows:

1966    James K. Finch
1967    No Award Given
1968    Ulysses S. Grant, III
1969    Gail A. Hathaway
1970    Stanley B. Hamilton
1971    Carl W. Condit
1972    Charles J. Merdinger
1973    Sara Ruth Watson
1974    No Award Given
1975    Clifford A. Betts
1976    Neal FitzSimons
1977    Joseph J. Rady
1978    David McCullough
1979    Robert M. Vogel
1980    Hunter Rouse
1981    Emory L. Kemp
1982    Robert S. Mayo
1983    John A. Focht, Sr.
1984    Herbert R. Hands
1985    Walter H. Cates
1986    David P. Billington
1987    Robert F. Legget
1988    John G. James and Harold F. Hedger
1990    Hobart H. Holly
1991    Abba Lichtenstein
1992    Richard S. Allen
1993    Henry Petroski
1994    Michael Robinson
1995    No award given
1996    Francis E. Griggs, Jr.
1997    Trent R. Dames
1998    Joe E. Colcord and Irving Sherman
1999    Alan Prasuhn
2000    Richard E. Goodman
2001    Kenneth R. Wright
2002    Samuel C. Florman
2003    Roland Paxton
2004    Robert A. Olmsted
2005    Fred J. Meier
2006    Richard Weingardt

2007    Michael Chrimes

2008    Robert J. Hoeksema

2009    Ronald C. Cox and Howard H. Newlon, Jr.