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Groundwater Replenishment System

Orange County, CA

Awards of Merit

Bundle 401, Oregon 38: Elk Creek-Hardscrabble Creek Bridge Delivery Program
Elkton, Oregon

The I-35W Bridge (2009 OCEA Finalist)
Minneapolis, MN

The Lake Brazos Labyrinth Weir
Waco, Texas

The Motagua Bridge
La Garrucha, Guatemala

H. Clay Whaley, Sr., Memorial Water Plant
St. Cloud, Florida



Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project

Washington, D.C.

Awards of Merit

Arsenic Crisis in the Indian Subcontinent: Sustainable Engineering Solution

West Bengal, India

Mission Valley East Light-Rail Transit Project

San Diego, CA

Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Tacoma to Gig Harbor




Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Phase II South Approach Structures

San Francisco, CA

Awards of Merit
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Capital Development Program

Dallas, TX

Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory

Prospect and Verona Island, ME

Special Award for Nation Building
Rehabilitation of Economic Facilities and Services Program




Saluda Dam Remediation Project
Columbia, SC

Awards of Merit
Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge
Charleston, SC

Bridge Apollo
Bratislava, Slovakia

Liberty Bridge
Greenville, SC

Neutrinos at the Main Injector Project
Batavia, IL and Soudan, MN



Rion-Antirion Bridge
Corinthian Straits, Greece

Awards of Merit
Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir
San Diego County, CA

Time Warner Center
New York, NY

AirTrain JFK Light Rail System
Jamaica, NY

Mubarak Pumping Station
Toshka, Egypt



The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge
Boston, MA

Special Award for Improving the Quality of Life
Repaving 389 Kilometers of War-Torn Roads in 230 Days
Kabul to Kandahar, Afghanistan

Awards of Merit
William H. Natcher Bridge
Owensboro, KY and Rockport, IN

Braddock Dam
Braddock, PA

Emergency Bypass Water Tunnel
Waipio Valley, HI

Integrated Water Transmission and Treatment Project
Clark County, NV

Temporary World Trade Center path Station
New York, NY



Milwaukee Art Museum Addition
Milwaukee, WI

Awards of Merit
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Los Angeles, CA

Host Park Seawater Supply Pipeline
Kailua-Kona, HI

Phoenix Project,

World Trade Center Disaster Site Recovery
New York, NY

Alameda Corridor
Los Angeles, CA



The I-15 Design/Build Reconstruction Project
Salt Lake City, UT

Outstanding International Award
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Alexandria, Egypt

Awards of Merit
JFK Terminal 4
Jamaica, NY

Everglades Construction Project: Storm Water Treatment Areas 1 West and 2
Palm Beach County, FL

Experience Music Project
Seattle, WA

Seven Oaks Dam
Highland, CA



The Whittier Access Project
Whittier, AK

Award of Merit
Enron Field
Houston, TX



The Cape Hatteras Light Station Relocation Project
Buxton, NC

Awards of Merit
Colville River Pipeline Crossing
North Slope, AK

Eastside Reservoir Project
Riverside County, CA

Rochester, Minnesota Flood Control Project

Rochester, MN

South Bay Ocean Outfall
San Diego, CA



The Los Vaqueros Project
Concord, CA

Awards of Merit
San Antonio Flood Control Tunnel
San Antonio, TX

Admiral Clarey (Ford Island) Bridge
Honolulu, HI

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Interstate Route H-3
Oahu, HI

Awards of Merit
Lake Shore Drive Improvement Project
Chicago, IL

MUNI Metro Turnback Project
San Francisco, CA



Denver International Airport
Denver, CO

Award of Merit
San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Project
Orange County, CA



The Ted Williams Tunnel, Central Artery/Tunnel Project
Boston, MA

Awards of Merit
The Fred Hartman Bridge
Baytown-La Porte, TX

Sinkhole Remediation at a Phosphogypsum Stack
Polk County, FL

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Auger Tension Leg Platform
Gulf of Mexico

Award of Merit
Natchez Trace Parkway Arches
Franklin, TN



Sidestream Elevated Pool
Aeration System
Chicago, IL

Awards of Merit
New Baldwin Bridge
Saybrook & Old Lyme, CT

Northside Landfill Clean-Up and Closure
Spokane, WA

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Philadelphia, PA



Glenwood Canyon Project
Glenwood Canyon, CO

Award of Merit
Broward County Resource Recovery System
Broward County, FL

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West Seattle Low Level Bridge
Seattle, WA

Awards of Merit
Bad Creek Pumped Storage Project
Northwest SC

Wide Body Hanger Facility
Fort Worth, TX

Bendway Weirs on the Mississippi
Dogtooth Bend, MO (160 mi. South of St. Louis)



Mount St. Helens Recovery Effort
Mount St. Helens, WA

Awards of Merit
Cornish-Windsor Bridge
Cornish, NH

Base Isolation - Rockwell HQ
Seal Beach, CA



Mount Baker Ridge
Tunnel/LID Complex
Seattle, WA

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Bullwinkle Project
Gulf of Mexico

Award of Merit

Eklutna Water Project
Anchorage, AK

Special Citation
Re-erection of a Waddell "A" Frame Truss Bridge
Parkville, MO



Southwest Corridor Project
Boston, MA

Awards of Merit
Great Salt Lake West Desert
Pumping Project
Salt Lake City, UT

Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Tampa, FL



Statue of Liberty Restoration
New York, NY

Awards of Merit
Caribou Restoration Project
Caribou, CA

The Living Seas Exhibition
EPCOT Center
Walt Disney World, FL

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Tunnel & Reservoir Plan (TARP)
Chicago, IL

Award of Merit
Fort McHenry Tunnel
Baltimore, MD

Special Civil Engineering Achievement
Tennessee River, TN, AL, MS

Special Citation for Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Re-decking the Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, CA



The Center City Commuter
Rail Connection
Philadelphia, PA

Special Citations
Aeropropulsion System Test Facility
Arnold Air Force Station
Tullahoma, TN

Willow Creek Dam
Heppner, OR



Luling Destrehan Bridge
(Renamed 6/84 Half Boggs Bridge)
New Orleans, LA

Awards of Merit
The Linn Cove Viaduct
Grandfather Mountain, NC

Sacramento Regional Wastewater Management Program
Sacramento, CA

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1983 Civil and Mineral Engineering Building
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Awards of Merit
Cerveza Deepwater Offshore Platform
Gulf of Mexico

Walt Disney World EPCOT Center

Walt Disney World, FL

Third Power House
Grand Coulee Dam, WA

Peachtree Center Station
Atlanta, GA

Special Achievement Award
California Capitol Restoration
Sacramento, CA

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Louisiana Offshore Oil
Port (LOOP)
Gulf of Mexico

Award of Merit
Bloomington Lake-Potomac River
Water Resources Project
Western MD

Special Achievement Award in Cost
Effective Public Transport: San Diego Trolley
San Diego, CA



Industry Hills Civic Recreation-Conservation Area
Los Angeles, CA

Awards of Merit
Hartsfield International Midfield
Airport Complex
Atlanta, GA

Naval Submarine Base
Bangor, WA


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The Cognac Project
Gulf of Mexico

Award of Merit
Advanced Water Treatment Facility with Co-Disposal of Sludge and Solid Waste
Duluth, MN



The District of Columbia Metrorail Transit System
Washington, DC

Special Achievement Award for Enhancement of the Urban Environment

The Charles River Project
Boston, MA

Special Achievement Award for Structural Engineering
The Pasco-Kennewick Intercity Bridge
Pasco and Kennewick, WA

Special Achievement Award for Structural Rehabilitation
The La Prele Dam
Douglas, WY

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Trans-Alaska Pipeline System

Awards of Merit
Denver's "Floating" Stadium
Denver, CO

The Detroit Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI



Superior Midwest Energy Terminal
Superior, WI

Award of Merit
The Seattle Freeway Park
Seattle, WA



Outstanding Water Resources Engineering Achievement:
Lower Snake River Project
Southeastern, WA

Outstanding Structural Engineering Achievement
Barrel Arch Roof at University of Idaho Stadium
Moscow, ID

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Keowee-Toxaway Power Project
Lake Keowee, SC & NC



Land Reclamation Program of Fulton County, IL

Special Civil Engineering Achievement Award
The National System of Interstate and Defense Highways



Ludington, Michigan Pumped Storage Project
Ludington, MI



California State Water Project
State of CA

Awards of Merit
Mississippi River Pollution Abatement Project
St. Louis, MO

200 Billion Electron Volt National Accelerator Lab
Batavia, IL



World Trade Center
New York, NY

Awards of Merit
Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project
Northfield, MA

McClelland-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System Project
States of AR & OK

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Armco Steel's Works
Middleton, OH



Oroville Dam & Edward Hyatt Power Plant
Feather River, CA



San Mateo-Hayward Bridge
San Francisco Bay, CA

Special Award — ASCE Comprehensive Program Award
Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Program
Pittsburgh, PA



Gateway Arch
St. Louis, MO

Awards of Merit
Hanford Nuclear Power Plant
Hanford, WA

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex
Oakland-Alemeda County, CA



Launch Complex 39
Cape Canaveral, FL

Award of Merit
Trans-Sierra Freeway Project Between Sacramento, CA

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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
Norfolk, Virginia

Awards of Merit
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
New York, NY

District Filtration Plant
Chicago, IL

Los Angeles County Flood Control District

Los Angeles, CA



Glen Canyon Dam
Page, AZ



Ohio River Valley Clean Streams Program

Awards of Merit
George Washington Bridge Expansion Project (Lower Level)
New York, NY

Whittier Narrows Water Reclamation Plant
Los Angeles County, CA



International Ballistic Missile Program
United States



John F. Kennedy International Airport
New York,NY



St. Lawrence Power and Seaway Project
St. Lawrence River, NY

Award of Merit
Allegheny County Sewage Disposal System
Allegheny County, PA