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We invite you to join us at the Global Perspectives on Sustainable Infrastructure conference, the triennial gathering of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, the world's oldest, largest and most influential civil engineering organizations. This year's program was developed by ASCE's Committee on Sustainability as part of ASCE's sustainability initiative.

This conference focuses on building partnerships across countries and disciplines to ensure that decision makers take a global view of sustainable infrastructure issues. Conference participants will examine current issues and approaches related to infrastructure, climate change and carbon management, and the role of government and education in shaping future policy.

The World Bank Zero Draft states:


"Global efforts have not been enough to ensure either a world free of poverty or a world that is economically, socially or environmentally sustainable. The world has become increasingly complex, unequal and hazardous. Some 900 million people could still be in poverty by 2015. Growing floods, droughts, fires and hurricanes interact with financial, food, and fuel crises, placing the most severe burden on those least able to adapt, and risking increases in poverty. Unequal patterns of consumption and control over resources among and within countries at all income levels contribute to divergent trajectories of opportunity and human well-being. Political disenfranchisement, lack of good governance, and conflict stymie efforts to find solutions."

Join us so your perspectives will help inform, influence and shape engineers' understanding and actions related to sustainable global development.

We look forward to seeing you at the Triennial,

Andy Herrmann, President ASCE
Henry J. Hatch, Triennial 2012 Program Chair, Member Planning Committee, Committee on Sustainability








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