ASCE-EWRI recognizes that the nature of the IPWE conference series brings attendees to unique, historic, and exciting locations. With that in mind, the Organizing Committee welcomes spouses, family, and other guests who may wish to accompany the attendees.

The Organizing Committee and Local Arrangement Personnel are currently preparing a desirable Guest Program which will allow accompanying individuals to participate in the meal and social functions of the conference, as well as incorporate activities/tours specifically arranged for those persons.

The following tentative program has been proposed by the local organizing committee. The pricing for the Guest Registration is currently slated at $150.00, if purchased by the Advanced Registration deadline. Rates increase to $200 for this registration tier if arranged beyond that date. More information can be found on the Registration page. Certain activities may be subject to out-of-pocket expense on behalf of the attendee (indicated below with $), and the agenda may be subject to change.

January 8

Welcome Session for all IPWE 2014 Participants
Spouse/Guest Orientation
Walking tour to Archeological Museum and artisan market ($)
Lunch at Hilton Colon Hotel
Shopping excursion
Tour of Colonial Quito & Welcome Reception

January 9

Tour to Equatorial Monument and Museum (more information)
Lunch at the "Middle of the World" ($)
Cultural Performance

January 10 Optional tour of local museums/specialty shops
Lunch at Hilton Colon Hotel
Closing Event ($)