In recent years, significant advances have been made in the areas of risk, vulnerability and uncertainty modeling, analysis and management. The objective of the ICVRAM2011 is to provide a forum for experts and decision makers involved in vulnerability and risk analysis and management to share information on current and emerging hazards and research results affecting the built environment.

ISUMA2011 will complement ICVRAM2011 by providing in-depth coverage on uncertainty modeling and analysis that would offer opportunities for cross-pollination. As we make advancements in technology, exploit resources, and step into new realms of human endeavors, we are exposed to new hazards. The novelty of the situation with its attendant uncertainties can pose a challenging situation for experts and also decision makers charged with providing technical assistance and policy recommendations.

This Conference and subsequent publications will help transition intellectual discussions into robust frameworks for handling emerging vulnerabilities and risks, and provide the leadership and initiative required to respond to national and international disasters.

Conference Topics:

  • Emerging hazards and vulnerabilities
  • Enterprise-related risks
  • Genetic and evolutionary algorithms
  • Global risk issues
  • Ignorance and knowledge analysis
  • Insurance, risk transfer and management
  • Integrative risk management
  • Natural and human-caused hazards
  • Performance analysis and measurement
  • Risk analysis of interdependent systems
  • Risk-to-benefit and benefit-to-cost analysis
  • Rough sets, fuzzy sets, and approximate reasoning
  • Security risk analysis
  • Soft computing and the generalized theory of uncertainty
  • Uncertainty modeling and analysis

The Conference is being organized by ASCE's Council on Disaster Risk Management.