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Important Dates

Conference Objectives

Call for Papers

Conference Topics

Conference Objectives

Infrastructure is an essential component of national competitiveness and social well-being. Designing and delivering infrastructure systems that truly contribute to sustainability throughout their service life is the theme of this conference. The International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) 2014 will focus on sustainability in the built environment, presenting relevant engineering research, demonstrations and applications that contribute to competitiveness and well-being. Presentations and panel discussions will cover sustainable infrastructure planning, financing, design, construction and operation: how practitioners are improving sustainable performance to meet the critical challenges of a changing operating environment.

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Invitation and Call for Papers (Closed)

Prospective speakers are invited to submit abstracts. The conference will produce proceedings which will include conference papers. Speakers who wish to submit a paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings should indicate their intention to do so. High quality papers will be considered for journal publication. Abstract submissions should be limited to two pages. Authors should indicate whether they wish to present in a traditional session, a poster session, or are willing to be considered for either.

Online submission is easy and is required to be considered for acceptance into the program. Simply follow the online instructions. Final papers and posters will be peer reviewed and published in the Conference Proceedings. Please note the following requirements for abstract submission.

  • Prospective authors should prepare and submit an abstract (in English) of not more than two (2) pages (double spaced) and indicate whether they wish to present orally or in a poster session.
  • Summarize the information to be presented at the Conference.
  • Use paragraph format, as outlines are not acceptable.
  • Submit into one of the proposed topic areas presented on the website.
  • Include the full abstract/paper title.
  • List the affiliation and complete contact information (mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address) of each author.
  • Indicate the primary contact. This is the person who will be expected to present the paper at the Conference.
  • Papers accepted for final submission must be 5 to 12 pages.

Deadlines will be strictly adhered to and authors will be required to register for the Conference at the time of final paper upload. Failure to submit abstracts and/or papers by the deadline will result in removal from the Conference program and proceedings. Authors whose abstracts are accepted and who submit a final paper are expected to attend the Conference, pay the appropriate fees and make their presentation(s) in person. For program questions, contact the Steering Committee Co-Chairs. Proceedings will be published on CD-ROM.

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Conference Topics

Conference papers and presentations will cover all types of horizontal infrastructure: roads, bridges, dams, levees, buildings and facilities, rail, waterways, transit, water and wastewater, aviation, ports, solid and hazardous waste, telecommunications, and energy. The topic areas to be addressed at the conference are:

Situation: Current and Projected

  • Analysis of infrastructure conditions
  • Global infrastructure assessments
  • Infrastructure problems for developing nations
  • Infrastructure for a sustainable future

Financing Infrastructure Projects

  • Financing approaches, constraints
  • Financing large projects: domestic and global
  • Innovative financing mechanisms
  • Making the financial case for sustainable infrastructure
  • Case examples: what works, doesn't work

Cross-cutting Issues

  • Infrastructure and the water/energy nexus
  • Sustainability in engineering education
  • Sustainability accreditation and certification
  • Infrastructure asset management
  • Applying systems thinking to infrastructure planning

Materials, Tools, and Methodologies

  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Life-cycle assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Using BIM on sustainable infrastructure projects


  • Sustainable project management
  • High performance project teams
  • Tapping into university research
  • Case examples in infrastructure innovation

Challenges and Barriers

  • Regulatory barriers, workarounds
  • Infrastructure resource and configuration traps
  • Community concerns and resistance
  • Permitting

Sustainability and Competitiveness

  • Relation of infrastructure conditions and sustainability to local, regional and national competitiveness: water, wastewater, transportation, power, etc.
  • Infrastructure asset management

Risk, Resiliency, and Adaptation to Climate Change

  • Strategies for mitigation and adaptation
  • Design for recovery from extreme events
  • Contribution of sustainable infrastructure to business continuity/recovery

Sustainable Cities

  • Designing sustainable cities and urban systems
  • Mega-cities and meta-cities
  • Critical issues urban planning
  • Case examples of sustainable urban systems

Sustainability, Society and Culture

  • Sustainability, quality of life and culture
  • Social LCAs
  • Using design charrettes on infrastructure projects
  • The business case for social responsibility

Envision™ Rating SystemEnvision™ Rating System

  • Using the Envision™ rating system
  • Envision™ as a decision framework
  • Sustainable ROI
  • Envision™ for construction, operations

Research Needs, Advances

  • Infrastructure design for the other 5 billion people
  • Improving infrastructure sustainable performance
  • Designing for continuous change
  • Advance research in sustainable infrastructure

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