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The Aerospace Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers invites you to participate in the 13th ASCE Aerospace Division Conference on Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments  “Engineering for Extreme Environments”

Conference Objective

The areas of civil engineering are as diverse as the people who practice them. But the one priority we share is working toward the sustainability of the planet.

The Earth & Space 2012 Conference will unite engineers from all corners of the world to tackle the issues facing construction and operations in challenging environments, space exploration, and sustainable development on earth, in space, and other planetary bodies. Be a part of this dynamic Conference and share your unique perspective. Technology Transfer is a key goal.

Who Should Attend

The Conference will appeal to academicians and professional engineers in many areas of expertise important for future space exploration and earth applications for extreme environments. The following disciplines will be represented:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Dynamics and Controls
  • Space Engineering and Construction
  • Field Sensing and Robotics in Civil Engineering
  • Advance Material and Structures

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