12th Biennial ASCE Aerospace Division International Conference, Engineering, Construction and Operations In Challenging Environments. East Meets West for Sustainability and Advanced Development

Student Information


The purpose of the Student Contact List is to help students find roommates to share their guest rooms and/or to enhance the overall conference experience by encouraging students to meet others in similar research fields or from other universities and countries.

Students who register for the conference and who would like to meet other students are encouraged to send an e-mail with their contact information to

Philip T. Metzger, Ph.D., email: philip.t.metzger@nasa.gov. Please include your name, e-mail address, university, major field of study, and research or technical areas of interest. The contact information will be put onto a list that will be distributed only to the students who are also on the list.

Student Activities chair: Philip Metzger, Ph.D., Kennedy Space Center, FL

Update: The Student Elevator Competition has been cancelled (2/17/2010)

Student Vibration Design Competition

Teams will successfully execute space-related engineering challenges.

Click here for Vibration Design Competition - undergraduate

Click here for Vibration Design Competition - graduate

The competitions are open to any university, college, or high school team, and students from all relevant disciplines are encouraged to participate. Team sponsorship and advising is also open to industry.

Student Vibration Design Competition contact:

Gangbing Song, Ph.D., University of Houston