Call for Papers

1/4/11 UPDATE: Final Paper Deadline extended to January 17, 2011

Submission Guidelines for Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2011

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Conference topics will focus on the science, tools, management challenges and solutions to a range of coastal hazards including:

  • Coastal Erosion
  • Hurricanes
  • Coastal storms
  • Seismic Events and Tsunamis
  • Climate Change
  • Sea Level Change
  • Wind
  • Arctic Environment

Multidisciplinary topics and papers are encouraged.  Conference subtopics are:

Physical Science:

Research and study of the forces and processes that cause or contribute to natural or anthropogenic coastal disasters.

Social Science and Integrated System Knowledge:

Research which includes the study of social processes defining vulnerable communities and the effectiveness of management responses, as well as advancing knowledge of transdisciplinary or co-evolving physical and social system behaviour:

  • Vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity
  • Collaborative or social learning
  • Ecosystem approaches to complex systems analysis
  • Governance, including issues of justice and power


Data and technologies available to help study or forecast coastal disasters

  • Models and methods (numerical, analytical)
  • Mapping techniques
  • Coastal observing systems and tsunami warning systems


Policies, planning and management efforts to minimize or avert coastal disasters, including:

  • Balance of economic, social, environmental & technical interests on the waterfront
  • Comprehensive shoreline management programs 
  • Land use planning & regulation
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Issues specific to ports, marinas, waterways or the Northwest Passage


Detailed examination of engineering and multi-disciplinary approaches to hazards, hazard mitigation and the consequences of these approaches, including:

    • Buildings, infrastructure, lifelines & other structures
    • Case studies of completed projects
    • Post-storm event site evaluations
    • Rebuilding in an urban environment after a coastal disaster
    • Investigations for a specific geographic region
    • Examination of disaster assistance programs & success of  mitigation efforts

Paper Formatting Instuctions

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Review Process

Please be advised that Coastal Disasters conferences are highly competitive.  Typically, many more abstracts are submitted than can be included in the Proceedings.  We encourage a description of preliminary or final results in the abstract to demonstrate status of work.  Abstracts should follow a logical development with introduction and motivation (short), procedure, and example results. Notification of acceptance or decline will be emailed to the corresponding author by November 1.  Final papers are due January 1, 2011. Final papers with revisions suggested by conference technical committee are due March 1, 2011.

Conference Proceedings

Final papers of oral presentations and abstracts of posters will appear in the print conference proceedings distributed to attendees at the conference.  The ASCE Publications Department markets proceedings volumes worldwide. Individual copies of conference papers can be obtained from the ASCE Research Library. (See the Research Library to view abstracts presented at Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2005 and 2008a ,2008b).

Commitment to Attend and Expenses

Proposing authors must recognize that abstract submission is a commitment to complete the paper (if accepted), attend the conference, and present the paper.  Submission of an abstract indicates that permission to present the paper has been obtained from the responsible party owning authority of the subject project.

All expenses associated with the preparation, submission, and presentation of abstracts and papers are the responsibility of the authors.  This includes preparation of high resolution digital manuscripts and illustrations.  Scholarship and/or travel funds are not available for conference attendees.  All attendees are required to pay conference registration fees.

Thank you for your interest. We are looking forward to an exciting and productive Solutions to Coastal Disasters Conference.

The Coastal Disasters 2011 Conference Proceedings will be published as a copyrighted work of the American Society of Civil Engineers.