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Solutions to Coastal Disasters Conferences are must-attend conferences for coastal planners,

managers, social scientists, engineers, geologists, biologists, economists, oceanographers, meteorologists, property owners, elected officials and others interested in the coast. The Solutions to Coastal Disasters Conference series was developed to provide formal and informal venues for the exchange of information, tools and ideas relating to coastal hazards. This successful conference series has encouraged involvement by a broad audience of coastal professionals for multi-disciplinary approaches to coastal issues.

The Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute (COPRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is pleased to announce that the next Solutions to Coastal Disasters Conference will be held April 13-16, 2008 at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu, Hawaii. The conference program will follow the format developed and enhanced by Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2002, held in San Diego, California and Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2005, held in Charleston, South Carolina. Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2008 will start with short courses and an opening reception; it will include plenary and technical sessions, exhibits, posters, field trips, and social events that encourage participant interactions. The Solutions to Coastal Disasters events are held at coastal regions that provide interesting coastal learning opportunities and attempt to find venues that make it easy for participants to meet informally throughout the programmed event.

What’s New in 2008: The first decade of the 21st century may well go down in history as the decade of the coast. Global warming and climate change continue to be important to coastal communities around the world, through concerns about sea-level rise and changing storm and rainfall patterns. Coastal disasters such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina and regular new stories on coastal vulnerabilities heighten the focus on the need for new approaches and solutions that can applied to the array of potential future disasters facing the coast. Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2008 will build upon the information and discussions that developed from earlier conferences and focus on both the lessons learned and the opportunities to best apply these lessons to avoid or minimize preventable losses. The conference will provide opportunities for multi-disciplinary presentations including lessons learned from the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004, from Hurricane Katrina, one of the worst hurricane seasons ever to occur in the Gulf of Mexico and concerns and opportunities developing from the fourth and most recent IPCC Report. Recent disasters have revealed the vulnerabilities of coastal ecosystems and coastal communities, the interdependent nature of coastal systems as well as the intense and conflicting pressures that define human use of dynamic coastal environments. Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2008 will encourage greater examination of the ecosystem dynamics, vulnerability and ways to incorporate social and ecological solutions into the discussion of coastal disasters.

The Solutions to Coastal Disasters series has encouraged international, multi-disciplinary participation. There is always a balance between involving more groups in the conference program and maintaining a participant size that fosters interdisciplinary discussions. Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2008 will continue its effort to seek sponsors and exhibitors who will add beneficially to the conference experience and will work with national and international coastal organizations to make more coastal professionals aware of the conference event. Please help in this effort by distributing information on the conference to friends and colleagues.